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Skilled technique and able management now belonged to Japan, not America.Jewish bankers were no longer interested in domestic civilian production.By signing NSC-68 in 1950, Harry Truman had given birth to a Military/Zionist global beast.is currently fueled by Jewish investment banks, with Goldman Sachs and State Street Corporation at the lead.While Military contracts were awarded to defense contractors to maintain the “Cold War” with Russia, US industrial plants began to decay.Outsourcing came into vogue as Americans bought TV sets, cameras, and cars from overseas.

The subject under discussion was Israel’s intention to station German-made-and-subsidized Dolphin submarines in the Persian Gulf bordering Iran.

Their market was the US government and payments were fed by the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve.

So why bother investing in American-made cameras or washing machines when you could invest in bombers and drones?

“Military Keynesianism” soon became the essence of America’s economy.

And the Zionist Jews of Wall Street took full advantage of this new investment opportunity.

A greater amount of power over the military industries has been concentrated into fewer hands - (it only takes 10% ownership of stock to control a widely-held corporation) - and these hands are those of huge Jewish investment blocs.

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