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Today, multi-channel surround sound systems provide enveloping sonic experiences in the home.

Back then the user listened to two 7-watt speakers in the TV itself.

Launched in season 1984/85 as , the basic conceptual elements of the Beo Vision MX exist virtually unchanged today.

Whether coming from a television programme or VHS, Betamax or Video 2000 VCR, it was only experienced as coming from the TV itself.

Connections Connections to Bang & Olufsen's and VCR are undertaken simply and easily; Beo Vision MX 8000 also features the ability to serve as a Beolink® master, distributing sound and picture throughout the home. There are three placement options - a stand (with optional shelf for or - as in above picture), a motorised floor stand and a motorised base.

It also has its own in-built stand to tilt back the set (as in /).

Sound Quality TV sound is driven by powerful 40 watt .

Surround sound The Dolby® Digital surround sound module is a new optional feature that allows the MX 8000’s existing speakers to act as centre channel in a surround sound setup.

Based around the chassis, Beo Vision MX8000 is brought up-to-date with the following options: (either as Master or Slave), RF Modulator (if used as Beolink® master), Set-Top Box Controller (with full on-screen graphics), Anti-Reflex coated and Dolby Digital Surround Sound (including DTS).

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