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Many of the charities also receive millions of pounds of public money on top of the cash they raise from individual donors.

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The Zippo timeline begins in the early 1930s, at the Bradford Country Club in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Blaisdell watched a friend struggle awkwardly to use a cumbersome, Austrian-made lighter. Blaisdell noted that the lighter worked well, even in the wind, due to the unique chimney, but the appearance and design was utilitarian and inefficient.Its report - "A Hornets' Nest" published today - found that 1,020 charities were spending less than 50 per cent of their total income on charitable activities.Spending on “charitable activities” is defined in accounting rules as “all costs incurred by a charity in undertaking activities that further its charitable aims for the benefit of its beneficiaries”.A spokesman for Sue Ryder said the research was “misleading in light of the size of our retail chain and the costs at Sue Ryder compare favourably to many other organisations”.She added: “These calculations do not take into consideration the additional benefits that our shops bring to the local community.” A Which?The hand warmer uses Zippo premium lighter fluid and provides a steady source of heat longer than any other product on the market.

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