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The business card says that they are open on Sunday, but according to the lady that works at the downtown location, they are closed on Sunday. Y2K Hair and Nails is fairly new, so it is clean, and professional. After about three days the fake nail starting peeling up.They are stocked with numerous nail polish shades by O. Oh, they also have higher prices now than what was posted on the brochure/this page.She really worked with me to help select a hair color (I have black hair and wanted it lighter, but hate the damage that results from bleaching).She won’t do something that will damage your hair, and my hair felt stronger and healthier after I left the salon. She’s also extremely sweet and funny, so I had a great time =) I recommend Dawn, especially if you want someone that’s honest and cares about the health of your hair. I usually have an overall idea of how I want my hair to look, but he makes is fabulous with all the detail, the right coloring and highlights to match.Y2k Hair and Nails is a hair and nail salon run by a professional licensed nail technician and hair stylist. But the lady that did my nails did not do that great of a job with my fiberglass set.

If the Owner was at the store i might go there again because he called me at my home to apologize for his wifes behavior...

Since then, we have experiments, but the way she treats my hair, it is as good as new, hardly any damage and still incredibly healthy. —Julie Dow I have been looking for a good hair stylist for over a year with reasonable prices and finally I found Robbie.

I don’t know of any other hair stylist that could not only fix gross green black hair, but become a friend and a confidant! Robbie from the Hair Factory is in the same location! Robbie does exactly what you want and is super nice to boot.

they just have an atm machine so bring your checkbook.

it was my first time with dawn and she seriously talks you through everything she's doing and everything she's going to do to your hair.

she was very thorough and i would definately recommend her to everyone!

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