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I like how she shared her expert knowledge with me. she was very gentle and was patient with me considering how nervous i was.

her name is Young-Sook and i wouldn't go to anyone else.

The business card says that they are open on Sunday, but according to the lady that works at the downtown location, they are closed on Sunday. Y2K Hair and Nails is fairly new, so it is clean, and professional. After about three days the fake nail starting peeling up.

They are stocked with numerous nail polish shades by O. Oh, they also have higher prices now than what was posted on the brochure/this page.

I know three people who go to him and they are all very happy with his work.

—steph Dawn did a great job of cutting and coloring my hair!

Good place, bad customer communication and courtesy. —ginny If you want a great cut, you MUST call Robbie. Whenever you see anyone with cute hair in Davis, chances are Robbie did it. My boyfriend came with me to my appointment and we had the greatest time socializing with him about everything, there was never a dull moment.

If the Owner was at the store i might go there again because he called me at my home to apologize for his wifes behavior...

Never before have I ever felt like a stylist has understood me so well. The key is that he is both skilled and he's always doing his research.

DAWN really took her time in helping me refine my idea of what I wanted my hair to be. He's up to date about styles and is ready to bring ideas to the table, and then executes it fantastically.

Y2k Hair and Nails is a hair and nail salon run by a professional licensed nail technician and hair stylist. But the lady that did my nails did not do that great of a job with my fiberglass set.

There are two locations for Y2k Hair and Nails; one is located in Oakshade Town Center and the other is downtown near the Amtrak station. I had to go home and file them down some more, even after i repeatedly asked her to make them more narrow to fit my finger.

She also did not seem to take her time and listen to me.

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