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Regis Butler to take care of the unpacking and storage of your luggage.

Also, before your departure, simply contact the Butler Service Desk to assist you with gathering and folding your garments and to prepare your luggage for your journey.

Prior to the Chat, fans were able to mix and mingle with the panelist as well former football legends and outstanding athletes including former Atlanta Falcons Tommy Nobis, William Andrews , and Floyd Hodge , and former LA Raider, Stefon Adams. Guests gathered at the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-a Fan Experience for the Fall 2014 Kids & Pros Locker Room Chat Thursday, November 13th, 2014 where a panel of College Football Hall of Famers and former NFL Pros gave them an inside look at the “Locker Room”—a player’s sanctuary.

Kids & Pros founders: Buddy Curry/University of North Carolina/Atlanta Falcons and Bobby Butler/Florida State University/Atlanta Falcons hosted the night’s events with former University of Georgia and Chicago Bears standout, Kevin Butler, moderating the panel, which included: Jessie Tuggle/Valdosta State College/Atlanta Falcons; Dave Archer/Snow College/Iowa State/Atlanta Falcons; William Andrews/Auburn University/Atlanta Falcons; and Brian Finneran/Villanova University/Atlanta Falcons. Kids & Pros took their Locker Room Chat on the road in 2013 with an event in the spring in Chattanooga featuring special guests, former Atlanta Falcon teammates, Bobby Butler and Buddy Curry, and another chat in Jacksonville with former Falcon Safety, Brad Edwards.

Over the years Kids & Pros has hosted several Locker Room Chats with their inaugural one being held in the Fall of 2011.

Special guests included Pro-Bowl Athletes: Tommy Nobis, Chris Slade, and Jessie Tuggle.

Regis Butler Service Desk is available at every St. Should you need anything, at any time, please use the guest room phone to dial the St. Regis Butler Service has been a treasured hallmark of the St. From a perfectly pressed suit ready for an important meeting, to a favorite book at hand for an evening read, to a thoughtful, last minute gift for a loved one, no request is too small or unattainable no matter what the hour of the day. Regis Butler Service ensures that unique preferences are understood and addressed flawlessly at our St. Complimentary in-room beverage service is available at any point during your stay. Regis Butler to take care of the unpacking and storage of your luggage—so that you can simply relax and enjoy. Regis Butler to arrange coffee or tea service in your room. Regis Butler will arrive after your morning wake-up call to draw your shades, deliver your coffee or tea as well as the day’s newspaper and weather forecast.Generally, two garments may be pressed complimentary. Regis Butler Service is accessible at any hour email:[email protected] send your request and allow the Butler Service Desk to assist. Hodnett Cooper Vacation Rentals is pleased to offer 412 Butler Avenue which is conveniently located in the village area of St. This home is located within walking distance of all the Island’s favorite Village shops, restaurant and the renowned fishing pier. At high tide, which occurs twice daily, there is no beach access.Part of the NFL playing experience is the colorful characters/individuals who fill every NFL Locker Room, Playing field, and Extra-curricular spot…..

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