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Without the help and interest of my family members, who's interest level wasn't always on par with mine, but tolerated never-the-less, my incessant phone calls, queries, letters other types of bombardment, such as visits, both announced and unannounced, this publication, crude as it is, would not have come to fruition. Flanders, whose contributions at age 94, both orally as well as written, were quite insightful and contributed greatly to his line and others.

I would be terribly remiss, if I did not thank my cousin Tommy Gray Webb, Dekalb County, Tennessee Historian, who made major contributions to this text. The establishment of a friendship with him has been a wonderful thing. Lawrence for his contributions of the Burba descendants and the allied Flanders lines, as well as editorial and technical help. Leroy Pearl, of Wichita, KS, for his kind, technical, assistance with computer problems, especially indexing large documents.

She is the epitome of what a wife and lady should be.

I thank God for her and for bringing us together, for that's when life began for me. Roberts of New York City, who is collecting material for a history of Enfield, N.

The hardships of building homes on the frontier, the Indian menace coupled with the provocative French, wreaked death and privation on our ancestors. Flanders, 1996Table of Source Materials E xplanation: The bracketed references listed throughout the text will be found to contain a capital letter followed by a number.

Burbank, Bray, Wellcome, Sedgely, & Welch Families (G.

Cunnabell, Conable, Connable Family, (John Cunnabell).

I must thank my aunts and cousins, for without them I would have accomplished nothing. I am thankful for their foresightedness in saving the "crackerbarrel" and the trunks of contemporary materials which aided this process.

I must thank my wonderful wife, for whom this work is dedicated, whose inspiration, devotion, sacrifice, labor and dedication to and for me, provided the resources both mental and physical, allowing me to start and finish this text (although it is never done). A final thanks to Edith (Flanders) Dunbar and all of the now deceased contributors, who provided the bulwark of this work.

(deceased)M y sincere thanks are extended to the many who have cooperated with me to make this family history a fitting memorial to these early ancestors of ours, who came to this country when it was little more than a wilderness, and who by their patient industry, courage and endurance, have left us an inheritance of which we should be justly proud. Lewis Burton Flanders of Bridgeport, Illinois, and Mrs. H., has been most kind in assisting with all records pertaining to the Flanders family which he obtained in the course of his research. Harry Hequembourg Pierson of the American Legation at Bogota', Colombia, S.

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