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My thanks are also extended to my sister, Miss Ellen I.

Flanders, who has also assisted in the copying of records and cemetery inscriptions.

Ashland, Moultonboro, et al., Town Registers, 1908. (deceased)M y sincere thanks are extended to the many who have cooperated with me to make this family history a fitting memorial to these early ancestors of ours, who came to this country when it was little more than a wilderness, and who by their patient industry, courage and endurance, have left us an inheritance of which we should be justly proud. Lewis Burton Flanders of Bridgeport, Illinois, and Mrs. H., has been most kind in assisting with all records pertaining to the Flanders family which he obtained in the course of his research. Harry Hequembourg Pierson of the American Legation at Bogota', Colombia, S. Special mention should be made of those who have made available many records which, otherwise, it would have been practically impossible to have obtained, as they came in a large part from a generation whose lips have long been silent. Charles Roscoe Flanders of Rockland, Maine, have also been untiring in their efforts to obtain data for this family history, and have made most valuable contributions. Harry Grant Flanders of Chicago, Illinois, who has been encouraged for many years in collecting family records, very courteously assisted with the results of his research. Carl Lawrence Flanders of Amesbury, Mass., for the constant encouragement he has given me from the time this work was first undertaken up to the present time. A., who has in preparation of a genealogy of the Hequembourg family, has also been a valuable contributor. Charles Preston French of Chicago, Illinois, who is compiling a genealogy of the French family very courteously sent in material he had obtained on the Flanders family. CEMETERIES: Cemeteries mentioned in the text have been visited by the compiler within the respective townships, listed below, to which their numbers refer. In order to condense and simplify the list as much as possible, reference numbers have been assigned to townships only (Except for Canada). This volume brings the family Flanders from the pre-colonial period to the emergence of a new nation.

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