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A symptom of the extent of current change is the extreme ideological confusion.

Fascist monopoly capitalism adopts "National Socialism"; organized industry opposes organized labor in the name of "democracy"; and ideological opposites fight side by side for goals that sound alike only because they are left vague.

Particularly when long-established institutional sys- tems have been breaking up under them have they tended to mis- take symptom for cause and to greet predictions of major change with incredulity and aversion.

In the main, they wrestle with ob- vious immediacies in familiar terms; for the rest, the deeper tend- encies, they prefer to wait and see.

The preponderant weight of economic power in the Constitutional Convention, while conceding the out- ward forms of political democracy, went on at once to curb the exercise of the very power it had just granted; it crippled the force of democratic power at the source by parceling up this power by a marvelously dexterous system of barriers to its expression.

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