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i didn't read most of this so i'm just diving in as it were! And I'm thinking that melted flesh with a hint of Marshmellow would taste sorta like chicken (doesn't everything? But hell, I joined in just knowing that we were sacrificing Mysterio, and you joined in not even knowing who we were must be a good said that, not me... i'm not the guy that posted about 20 one-liners in about 10 different threads in the last half hour or so... 'nuff in about 20 posts in about 10 different threads in an approximate timeframe of 30 minutes...apart from that my posts are on-topic and either contribute, answer something or, talk to the hand. I am quite sure Dark didn't enter Iraq either.Who doesn't want to spend time with an open-minded beauty? I'm Kaylee, the blonde goddess sent to make you happy. If we could, that would be much appreciated by most of us US fools. So, I bring the fire, Lone will bring the marshmellows...still need someone to bring a stake, rope, and a video camera so we can post it all on the internet afterwards...oh, or we could have live streaming video!!!See, first 10 pages will be quality spam, then GS will count 11-12. Then some divine intervention will prevent me from tell you how bad 17 will be. Everything has to end in a giant ball of fire for you. ; DShit, this is taking it a bit further than I expected, but lets take the rest of the community while we are at it, might make a nice full evening.And then when he kicks you in the balls...well, after you stop groaning in pain and get back up, you should just say "man, that hurt like hell, but it's okay". But when someone takes a swing at me, I'm going to duck if I can, or block the punch if I see it coming, or take the hit if I must..then it's on. Don't cal me dude or I will call you rapid in return. Don't cal me dude or I will call you rapid in return. Don't you waaaaant somebody to looooooveeeee, donnn't you neeed somebody to loooove, wouldn't you loooove somebody to looooove, you better find somebody to loooooooooove ::applause:: Yoooou seeeeee that stuffffff on my sleeeeeve....? ::bussi:: I have only replied to people picking fight with me.I'm gonna make that guy wish he was never born. Also we are under the assumption I am a species of my own, therefore a race of human. Also we are under the assumption I am a species of my own, therefore a race of human. Seems people don't like me around these parts.

;)oh and what / who the hell are we about to sacrifice? But I didn't read far enough back to see WHY we are sacrificing him.

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You can't enjoy the moment and always have to destroy the little fun we have. So don't say anything to Civic either(and he is sort of cute, so we can use him in other ways first too).

We all know you are right, but it is so seldom we get to see good spam that we enjoy it while it lasts. GS ive got the camera if you'll suply a sexy G5 ;) Could we have some extras dancing around the fire in the back ground?

I will not respond further here, if you have a problem, bring it up in the appropriate forum.-Lone Ah, so the flip-side of what you are saying is that if someone hits you, you should just take it. this in your video is nothing compared to what i've seen or been in myself. i think he was fucked up or something, either way he got's another; Fest_2003_Wall_Of_I saw this program about some bounty hunters on Hawaii just now...still recovering from my hysterical laughter.

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