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The end of this developmental series is firmly tied to similar examples from Lachish Fosse Temple IFigure 13 is a water jar decorated with painted stripes.

Wood's first BAR article, thus adding to the mountain of evidence demonstrating that Jericho was destroyed around 1400 B. Assertions made without data to back them up are unconvincing.

The Jericho store jar can be compared with Late Bronze I examples from Lachish Fosse Temple I, Figures 10, 11 and 12 are round-bottomed, everted-rim cooking pots.

Figure 10 simply shows the continuation of the simple everted rim which had its beginnings in the Middle Bronze period.

With careful study of the pottery evidence, therefore, it is possible to distinguish the Late Bronze I period from the terminal phase of the Middle Bronze period. bowls decorated with internal concentric circles (Jericho 5, fig. Not only is the conical bowl with interior concentric circles a major bowl type in the latter half of Late Bronze I levels of Ashdod and Hazor, but it is also found at virtually every site where there are remains from the latter half of Late Bronze I, such as Lachish Fosse Temple I, The parallel in this case is invalid.

Let us now examine the pottery illustrated in the plate. Bien­kowski's "parallel" is not a store jar at all, but rather a smaller jar usually called a water jar.

C., the same time the Bible records that the events of Joshua 3-6 took place. His discussion is superficial, at best, lacking both depth and precision. The occupation in Area H, however, where Kenyon found the ruined Bronze Age city, was much different in the Late Bronze IIA period than in the Middle Bronze-Late Bronze I period.

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