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Frequently referred to as "The Twins," they have seen each other through many good times and some not so good times as well.

While Chris and his wife Jamie moved to Michigan for greener pastures in 2015 , they remain as good of friends as ever.

Marsha replied, "Of course."Minneapolis holds a special place in our hearts, and as such we have chosen a venue that provides a special view of downtown to share our marriage with you. Located on the South end of downtown Minneapolis on Nicollet Mall, the Millennium hotel has an onsite parking garage.

During an extra-cheesy rendition of I Swear by All 4 One, Laura got down on one knee to declare her love, for all the Legion of Boom to hear.Both DJs, they bonded over their mutual love of music and hijinks.This lead to many years of DJing and throwing shows together under two promotional groups: first Nascent Numen, then the Legion of Boom.Their relationship was "facebook official" by Valentine's Day and getting pretty serious by April.Marsha knew how much of a nerd Laura really was by now despite Erin's best efforts, but liked her anyway.2015 After about a year on her own, Laura decided she was ready to start dating.

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