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These besties get together two or three times every year to catch up, sort out each other's lives, and solve the world's problems.

The BFW (Best Friend Wisconsin)Laura met Amanda while working at TGI Fridays in La Crosse, WI after she graduated from college.

Marsha introduced Laura to gardening/canning, Mustangs, football, and Ru Paul's Drag Race (he is invited to the wedding).

They spent holidays with each other's families and further integrated into each other's lives.

Please see Accommodations under the Details section of the website for a direct link to the room block. The (gay) Agenda: wedding ceremony cocktail hour reception and dinner dance last call Share photos and fun on social media with #Mrs Jensens!

The wedding, reception, and dance will be held on the 14th floor. The BFT (Best Friend Texas)Laura and Erin have been best friends for their entire adulthood.

She was in Dallas for Thanksgiving visiting her best friend and future Maid of Honor Erin, who immediately set her up with an OK Cupid account and mercilessly critiqued her profile to help her sound like slightly less of a nerd.Laura's "big picture" skills and Kelli's work ethic and attention to detail made them an excellent study team.They also bonded over having fun instead of being cool; and acted in Rochester Civic Theater's Beauty and the Beast together.They went to college together at the University of North Texas, where they met in an LGBT activism group (much needed in the south around the early 2000's).Their relationship has survived living 1,000 miles from each other for over 10 years, and Erin is Sterling's Fairly Godless Mother.They have both continued their physical therapy careers in the twin cities, as well as fitting in the occasional 21 shenanigans or playdate with Sterling and Kelli's two little girls.

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