Ashley tisdale dating kasey kahne


In his first three seasons at Hendrick Motorsports, Kahne logged five wins and four poles, including a single victory and no poles in 2014.But in November, the pressure was relieved somewhat when Kahne signed a three-year contract extension to drive the No.

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"That was big to them, me playing baseball and basketball.And they pulled me from racing, in a way."When Kahne's competitive focus did shift fully toward racing, at age 14, Kelly still wasn't convinced it was the right decision."Kasey was always super-focused on racing," Kelly said."But at that age we didn't know if that's really what he wanted ...Sure, there's been times when feathers were ruffled, but we all come back to what's most important, and for us that's to stay tight as a family."Kahne's sister, Shanon Adams, echoes her father's sentiments."Family has always been Kasey's priority," Adams said."To be able to have the kids grow up together and be really close cousins, and for me and Kale and Kasey to be close enough to be neighbors, and walk to each other's homes for dinner, is something we're so grateful for."Kahne loves the thought that his son will grow up alongside his family, playing with his cousins."That was my No.The idea was to grow up and grow old together."It speaks volumes about where his heart is and his thought process about life," Kelly Kahne said.

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