Asians in america dating

The number may be millions higher, even more so if all who have partial ancestry are included.For example, Asian Peruvians are estimated at 5% Most who are of Japanese descent reside in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, and Paraguay while significant populations of Chinese ancestry are found in Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Costa Rica (where they make up about 1% of the total population).

Many past and present Peruvian Cabinet members are ethnic Asians, but most particularly Japanese Peruvians have made up large portions of Peru's cabinet members and former president Alberto Fujimori is of Japanese ancestry who is currently the only Asian Latin American to have ever served as the head of any Latin American nation.

Chinese and Japanese are the group's largest ancestries; other major ones include Filipinos, Koreans, and Indians.

Brazil is home to the largest population of Asian Latin Americans, at some 2.2 million. There has been notable emigration from these communities in recent decades, so that there are now hundreds of thousands of people of Asian Latin American origin in both Japan and the United States.

For the Latino population of Asian descent living in or native to the United States, see Asian Hispanic and Latino Americans.

For the population in Asia of Latin American descent, see Latin American Asian.

Nicaragua is home to 12,000 ethnic Chinese; the majority reside in Managua and on the Caribbean coast.

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