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Invoke Action(Controller Context controller Context, String action Name) 313 System. Execute(Request Context request Context) 91 System. Possibly you can contact me through "Email" link with details of your environment so that I can help with the setup if appropriate. Then change this line to "use abctest" and then execute the complete script. Best Regards, Amitthk Hi, I am new to Parichay and everything, and was wondering, I was setting up Parichay with another part of my website, and for some reason I could not get the homescreen to appear (for Parichay); I haven't figured out why, but I have set up the databases, and was wondering if a wrong password or url would do that. This will depend upon the level of expertise you have towards . It is very difficult to advise without the proper description of target environment. Privacy and Target Url are the columns in member_posts or member_messages tables. Please rename the database to your desired database. if you have created the database as "create database abctest". Process In Application Trust(Action action) at System. Can you please debug and trace the inner exception because this exception does not provide a lot of information other than the possibility of a special character in supplied view/form data. Hello, Weird thing but if I opened the solution in Visual Web Developer 2010 SP1 everything was working properly (except compile error): The type 'System.

OR You can use Nuget Package Manager console to install this package using command "Install-Package Microsoft. Or run the script by opening the query editor on same database, delete the first line (Use Parichay Test) and then execute the script. Get Application(String app Name) in D:\Rejibabu\Sample Mvc Projects\Mvc Social Network App\Mvc Social Network App. For toggling the display of hyperlinks, you may need to add extensions to enable/disable hyperlink in the Model/View while rendering and separate helpers to check for specific permission set these properties. By Lowered Name" ***/Check the capital "B" in by Lowered Name. Best Regards, Hello sir Thank you for your valuable reply . i downloaded your application and it works in mvc3 and i want a content item permission module and that i think i can do it with permission module in Parichay in admin side but i want to know how it will work in client side for example "In a page the user can only Add, Modify, Save a content but he has no access to delete the content " how can i do it. Thanking you Hello, The security used in Parichay is a custom HTTPModule as defined in [this article] which intervenes the requests. So, for example your controller action Page Controller\delete needs to be blocked for a particular role or user - it can be done from permissions screen as defined in [above article]. Begin Process Request(Http Context http Context, Async Callback callback, Object state) at System. A transaction symbolizes code or a set of components or procedures which must be executed as a unit.All the methods must execute successfully or the complete unit fails. Best Regards, Also it always loggs this error message: The controller for path '/favicon.ico' was not found or does not implement IController.: at System.

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