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According to a source, things are developing between them, and soon they could publicly announce that they are a couple.Earlier Holly Madison had called Benji as her ‘adventure buddy’, and now if reports are to be believed then he could be her boyfriend very soon.However, she quickly played down the rumour, describing the photos as "just two famous people sitting next to each other".Paris Hilton and Benji Madden dated for a whopping nine months back in 2008, with Madden describing the socialite as the one and the love of his life.they wouldn’t drop the subject,' she writes in her New York Times bestseller.“The 36-year-old dated Playboy founder Hugh Hefner for seven years, starred in the E!After he won the match, then Holly Madison tweeted that “World’s Sexiest Boxer Prevails.” They also had a joyous celebration after Benji won the contest, at the nightclub ‘Wasted Space’.

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For now, Madison is celeb sex tape free, but with this roster of men, who knows when that will change?

He was rubbing her lower back and the top of her butt, and she was hanging on his shoulder."They were laughing and flirting the entire time.

Los Angeles, Apr 6 (THAINDIAN NEWS) There is a lot of speculation that Holly Madison and Benji Madden are the latest dating couple.

"Cameron and her gang were very friendly with them. Rather, they've recently reconnected."The 35-year-old Good Charlotte guitarist's romance history includes the likes of Australian model Sophie Monk, whom he was engaged to for a time, Paris Hilton and Holly Madison. Right now, they're totally into each other."So, we'll see where it goes."Marriage, I highly doubt," the insider said. She's into love and long-term relationships, but a piece of paper isn't a huge priority for her.""A lot of people chase after it because they've been told, ‘This equals happiness,'" she said.

And Diaz, who is pretty much the epitome of the "cool girl" in the room, is probably fine with all of that."Keep in mind, Cameron dated Jared Leto for years," our source added. "They chase it, they get it, and they find out, ‘Why did I think this was going to make me happy?

Despite the official split, they continued to see each other when they were in the same city for a time.

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