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Voller Detailreich- tum und im authentischen Photo and film projects from the years 2013 – 2015.It's great to see how the photos and films work in combination with each other!Different looks and diverse emotional images from my own projects as well as work for advertising agencies and businesses. The family project Edelhof 1514, “slow food“ and sustainable production are personal concerns of mine.Edelhof 1514 will win you over with it’s regional specialities, fruit and fruit products.Whether you need to cool down and chill or get up and get lively Christoph's sunshine images get everyone in the right mood.Stiftung Mensch provides the opportunity for people with disabilities to work side by side the roadies and the bands to create Summer Open Air, a truly special event where music unites people of all ages and backgrounds. Christoph filmed “ behind the scenes” to create this stunning insight into a celebration of life and music.The sounds and day to day rustle of vines are the setting of this little grape film.

This alternative to military service ended in the midddle of 2011 after running for almost 50 years. Christoph mixed his own film with parts that the civillian servants filmed themselves.With entertaining sound bites and impressions we get a taste of the big battle of the agencies.For the BP Visco series, Christoph produced several B2B movies for the non-European market.The visual language of Christoph highlights the emotional aspects and the positiv impact of the children.Each project is tailored to meet the needs and address the challenges that each home faces in providing quality care and opportunities for their children.bilden das Leitmotiv für den Imagefilm über den Fleischgroßmarkt Hamburg.

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