Budget dating ideas singapore


Women find selflessness extremely sexy, says a 2008 UK study.

Both of you could volunteer for a cause of mutual interest, such as helping out at an animal shelter or telling stories to children with cancer.

Check out ) offers free admission to the Singapore Living Galleries from 6pm to 8pm daily, while the Singapore Art Museum (singaporeartmuseum.sg) lets you check out masterworks at no cost on Friday nights from 6pm to 9pm.

Nothing quite kindles romance like the beach, especially at dawn or dusk.

Ask a mutual friend to meet you two at a cute local spot (either a park or a redo theater or a street art wall) and stage a photo shoot that you can look at and reflect on for days to come.

Or go to a beautiful outdoor spot to watch the sunset.

It gives you time to talk and time to snuggle, and as cliche as it sounds, there's really nothing more romantic.

Stuck on the island this holiday because you’re (almost) broke?

Don’t think that you can’t have a fun time just because you have no money.

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