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The popularity of the American TV Series ‘Dexter’ featuring the sinister Dexter Morgan, a forensic blood spatter analyst by day and serial killer seeking justice against criminals who have evaded the law by night, has resonated a little too closely for some.The concept of murder as an act of justice, a prepared and carefully controlled ‘kill room’ and dismemberment of the body to hide the evidence, undeniably made for a captivating crime drama.Suspicious of the language used which did not match the emails Altinger usually sent, friends went to his home and discovered no indications of a planned period away and his passport still in his apartment.Concerned for their friend, they informed the Edmonton Police Service who launched a missing person investigation.It chronicles the first failed attempt where after getting his victim into the garage; he unsuspectedly fought back and escaped matching the actual events that took place with Gilles Tetreault, who has now published a book entitled “The One That Got Away” about his experience.The remainder of the document details his second victim and how this time he bludgeoned him with a pipe and stabbed him multiple times before dismembering the body and putting the body parts into garbage bags and dumping them in a local sewer.

The name on the rental agreement for that garage was Mark Twitchell.

The final series of Dexter drew mixed reviews from dedicated fans but the Showtime network reported the series had an average of 6.4 million weekly viewers.

Almost all those who watch shows like Dexter are simply entertained and absorbed by dark crime TV with intense characters and an ongoing storyline.

Once the film was released he said, and those people who had lived through the same experience saw it, they would talk about it and create a ‘buzz’.

He said he had killed Altinger in self-defence when they began fighting after Altinger ‘did not react the way he expected’ when he was told Twitchell was a filmmaker and wanted Altinger to write about his experience on the web.

He was given directions to a garage in south Edmonton, calling his friend Dale Smith excitedly to let him know his plans.

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