Carbon dating flaws dinosaurs

Several other places on earth have scrambled fossil species, while in other places, they are compacted in the vertical plane in which they lived in the water, or drowned.

Footprints of man and dinosaurs are found together in an ancient bed of the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas.

Evolutionists say this is factual proof that dinosaurs grew feet while swimming.

My bias tells me that this is evidence of the Flood with a dinosaur scrambling to get out of the rising floodwater.

Evidence of the Flood is given by the disappearance of the dinosaurs and mammoths all over the earth.

The bias of evolutionists describe the disappearance of dinosaurs as the result of an asteroid or meteor striking the earth 65.5 million years ago and somehow selectively destroying and fossilizing the dinosaurs all over the earth while not affecting all the other plants and animals.

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All species are intermixed in the Grand Canyon, with a petrified tree extending from the bottom to the top of the plant and animal deposit.

It also tells me that the glaciers were formed by the catastrophic eruption of the fountains of the deep spraying water into the stratosphere where it froze and returned to the poles in the form of an enormous ice dump that instantly froze mammoths now found in the Arctic that were feeding on tropical plants e.g.

Evidence of the Flood is displayed by mountains all over the earth where the rock strata slant upward.

evidence of a world-wide Flood is almost everywhere on earth.

Wherever fossils are found, it is evidence of a Flood.

Flesh totally decays in months to years, not 65.6 million years.

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