Carbon dating flaws dinosaurs


This track was found at the Cameros Basin in Rioja.Dinosaur tracks have been found coexisting with human footprints.These slanted strata are most likely the result of the fountains of the deep erupting and pushing rock that used to be horizontal toward a vertical position.Evidence of the Flood occurs every day as rocks that shot out into space as result of the eruption of the fountains of the deep return to earth in the form of meteors.

Evidence of the Flood is displayed by mountains all over the earth where the rock strata slant upward.

Evolutionists say this is factual proof that dinosaurs grew feet while swimming.

My bias tells me that this is evidence of the Flood with a dinosaur scrambling to get out of the rising floodwater.

The fossil records contain considerable evidence that all creatures coexisted before the flood.

All species are intermixed in the Grand Canyon, with a petrified tree extending from the bottom to the top of the plant and animal deposit.

Evidence of a worldwide flood occurs almost every time we see a meteor shower.

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