Chris knight adrienne curry dating

The couple has mutually determined that they are at a place where moving forward will require a step back.They still love one another but need some distance to consider their future."There was no immediate word of a divorce.Often couples, especially in Hollywood, deny that their age difference plays any role in the success or failure of their relationship.

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When asked if she was still in love with the 53-year-old Knight, Curry told Stern on May 12, "I might be a little out but he's trying to get back in…we've had a lot of distance lately."And that wasn't all."My big joke now is, 'I'm Mrs.

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight were no exception.

They met in 2005 on the set of The Surreal Life, a reality TV show in which they lived together with others as housemates.

The divorce was by all accounts amicable and the pair remained friendly throughout.

Nobody claimed at any point that the two had fallen out of love.

It had been a long process and the details of their settlement are not public knowledge.

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