Christian virgin dating non virgin

As far as me being divorced, the divorce took place BEFORE I was a Christian, so it is under the Blood of Jesus and my sins are washed away as far as east is from west.

And besides, God has spoken to me and told me that He is going to bring me a husband..I look forward to Him fulfilling His promise to me!

I pray that this man has also kept himself for me and been true in following the ways of the Lord. There is nothing wrong with a virgin marrying a non-virgin in and of itself. But, if the two are Christians who are truly following GOD (YAH) and they love each other, and each can "deal" with the other's condition of viginity, or lack thereof, then there is no problem.

I understand the biblical perspective but I can see that Dan knows this from a very personal and emotional stand point and really really need him to elaborate, please. I think it's fine for a virgin to marry a non-virgin. As long for you don't mind your girl's first was not you. If this does not apply to you then it is hard to understand. Not being allowed to become a minister when you married an non-virgin? i believ this was written in Lecviticus, and implied the rules for the Aaronic priesthood.

I just want to say that the girl not being a virgin can cause huge arguments in the future and cause jealousy etc.

my girlfriend is not one and I want to marry her now and I am a virgin.

If you made the rule that we should not, it would mean that I, a widower, would not be allowed to marry a true spinster.

But I would for example be allowed to marry a divorced woman, or a promiscuous woman's a little late for me to be a virgin or wait on a virgin husband, I was married (now divorced) and have had 2 kids. I am what I consider a born-again virgin, having been totally celibate for the last 12 years, saving myself for the man that God has promised to bring me.

I should have posted the details but could not remember who without a Google search. He is incorrect when he says some will never understand. I feel that the subject is too broad to address efficiently.

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