Christians and dating questions


Before you decide what you’re looking for in a partner, it’s essential to think about your own Christian values.

This will help the process of finding a date compatible with your interests a lot easier and quicker.

Dating or being married isn’t about finding someone completely compatible, it’s about committing to someone for love.

It’s challenging to decide how far your church community should be involved in your life, let alone your love life.

But, remember that values go beyond religious choices and having different core values in other aspects of your life can mean that you’d still have a good relationship.

For example, you could hold forgiveness as one of your core values, but your date’s imperfection could be finding it hard to let things go, this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t date.

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Someone could attend church every Sunday with their family, however, if they do not practice their faith on a daily basis – could they be considered religious?Once you have a full understanding of these aspect, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you’re looking for.Remember though, nobody is perfect, so prepare to compromise.Knowing that you’re ready to settle down and commit to someone is a big step that we all come to face at some point in our dating journey.When this happens, be sure not to fall in the trap of immediately looking to find ‘the one’.With Match you can find singles based on their religious views through our advanced features.

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