Coda preview not updating online dating for big people


It sure aims high, but the result is just not all that good.

The most general problem is that Coda 2 is obviously bogged down by eye candy.

Oh, and when you export them, Coda creates an opaque file, blocking reverse engineering for any casual tinkerer. That’s when I lost interest in the clipping problem. Coda 2 does sync site settings between copies, and this is something I need. After seeing that, I felt less surprised that sync is AWOL from Diet Coda, but also less forgiving. Coda looked very much like what I always had in mind to replace BBEdit. I won’t be holding my breath for the next version — despite the many genuinely neat ideas in this tool, there are too many things in Coda that are worse than just “wrong for me.” Le sigh.

I pretty routinely want to take my publishing show on the road. From Panic’s change notes for 2.0.1: “Hopefully improved the reliability of i Cloud.” No shit, because it’s pretty horrid right now.

It’s pretty, sure, but even on the best i Mac money can buy it drags its pretty little feet. I have other two other Git GUIs that update in the blink of an eye!

My opinion is that Coda has quite a few flaws that should concern nearly any kind of user.I wanted to love the first version (2007), and bought and played around just for the hell of it, even though I knew there was no real hope that it could compete with the power of BBEdit — my publishing draft horse for a decade now (only half the product’s lifespan). I quickly determined that certain Coda 1 (and 1.5) deal-breakers had been addressed, and I was impressed by several things right out of the box, like the clever pairing with Diet Coda in my i Pad for previewing.My hopes soared…setting me up for even more disappointment.But of course i Cloud sync of my site settings went muy, muy poorly on my i Mac/laptop. Coda recognizes specially formatted comments in your code as “bookmarks”.”) Hey, maybe I could import clippings from BBEdit? Alas, I couldn’t readily examine Coda’s clipping syntax, because its clippings are not stored in the obvious place. I delved because the process of trying to solve that problem revealed so much about Coda 2 that I was disappointed to learn. So where’s i Cloud sync to the awesomely named i Pad companion app, Diet Coda? an external script, or even just another editor for some specialized task, something I do, oh, — you are SOL. It’s not that I exactly expect those two features to talk to each other, but it’s got a so-close-yet-so-far stench that makes the lack of an explicit sync feature much more exasperating.

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