Comic strips about dating 10 things you need to know about dating

This comic is now about science geeks in relationships, which is inspired in no small part by my wife, Abbey. ROB A bar really isn't the ideal place for me to meet a girl. Jennifer lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband, two amazing daughters, a dog, two guinea pigs, and a fish.Their favorite family activity is listening to records while creating art together at the dinner table.

Looks like I screwed something up on Monday and uploaded the comic to the "CGI" directory instead of the "comics" directory. Furthermore, we moved servers recently and it appears the scripts that send me a text message when the comic hasn't updated isn't working on this server.

That's because I decided to swap in this comic that I just drew last night.

At first, it was on deck to be Friday's comic, but then I thought it would work better if it were more timely.

Despite his best efforts, he's a hopeless, helpless, and hapless romantic. Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson, but the road to romance is paved in hilarious failure.

Enjoy Jon's decades of self-inflicted pain in these comics collecting his flirt fails, date disasters, and conversation catastrophe.

I tend to simultaneously deal with the struggle in two ways: to really dive into the deep, dark emotion with music, and then with humor. “No, Really.” is that moment after you tell a joke that is, at its heart, a story of genuine struggle. Jennifer Latham Robinson is an author, artist, musician, advocate, and entrepreneur with a passion for exploring the disability experience through her work.

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