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|120 | General context International aviation relations between Member States and third countries have traditionally been governed by bilateral air services agreements between Member States and third countries, the Annexes to such agreements and other related bilateral or multilateral arrangements.Traditional designation clauses in Member States’ bilateral air services agreements infringe Community law.So you too can benefit in Country from our technological expertise and our service.

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It has carved its own niche brand equity and is one of the websites in the Middle East with largest number of hits. This community is here for you to ask or answer questions; share your knowledge and experiences with our products; and get help from other customers. As the globe’s leading specialist for rubber and plastics technology we are at home in the growth markets of this world – with our production facilities, distribution partners and dealers.The United Arab Emirates is a major investment destination for Pakistan.Pakistanis are among the top ten investors in the UAE property market, ranking as the second largest nationality that bought most property in Dubai.There are also smaller populations of Pakistani expatriates from other countries who live and work in the UAE, such as British Pakistanis A large skilled and semi-skilled Pakistani workforce contributes to the UAE economy.

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