Consequences of dating too young

And what preventative measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of teens having sex?There is no one cause for teens experimenting with sex.

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Even if there isn't a clear victim, you can still use restitution.By now, you only have a few years left to prepare your teen for the real world.And it can be tricky to strike a balance that gives your child enough freedom, while still giving him plenty of guidance.Many teens believe that their friends are having sex (even if this isn’t true) and feel pressured to fit in.Girls with older partners are sometimes persuaded to have sex at an early age, and teens (both boys and girls) are more likely to have sex if they are involved in a long-term relationship.Instead of saying, "You can have your phone back when I can trust you again," say, "You can have your phone back when you get your homework done three nights in a row." Create a written behavior contract that outlines your expectations.

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