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It is generally believed that the classified items in the budget are used to finance the military-industrial complex and security agencies, but there is indirect evidence suggesting that these funds have many other uses as well.They may range from financing the “friends of Russia” abroad to closing gaps in the balances of state-controlled companies and allowing top officials to make personal purchases.In the last fifteen to sixteen years, the Russian economy has undergone a classic resource cycle and Dutch disease caused by a big influx of oil and gas revenues.Russia’s political system, lacking strong checks and balances, exacerbated these economic distortions.

This scam is especially common in the municipal sector but also affects other state-controlled services and some federal organizations. It is difficult to give accurate figures on Russia’s budget spending when more than 30 percent of it is classified as secret.An even bigger problem arises when applying purchasing power parity (PPP) estimates to Russia’s economic indicators.Prices in Russia are greatly distorted (for example, fuel prices are heavily subsidized and still are quite close to those in the United States, utilities’ and state services’ prices are very low, while some food items are more expensive than in Europe).A proper analysis requires consideration of a number of key and often overlooked features of Russia’s post-Soviet economy.Any quantitative analysis of the state of Russia’s economy is limited by the unreliability of measurement methodologies and the accuracy of available data.As well as other obvious reasons for this phenomenon, imports that come mostly from the European Union (EU) account for at least 50 percent of Russians’ personal consumption, while the import share of industrial consumption is even higher.

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