Dating ad images

Decide who you want to show your ad to, and generate a matching Yandex. For example, you can create a segment based on your customers or visitors to certain locations, or you can find new potential customers using Yandex technologies. Audience segments, or a combination of the two (without exceeding 250).

You can add a retargeting list to an ad on the page where you create or edit ad groups. Keep in mind that the more criteria there are in your retargeting list, the narrower your audience coverage. Metrica goals or segments that are linked to another Yandex.

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You can set the CPC for each retargeting list if you use a manual bid management strategy.

You can also use bid adjustments to raise or lower the CPC when serving ads.

The case would be different if the virtual goods were paid for with cash.

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Relationships In a culture where younth is valued over maturity, it's sometimes difficult to image the up-side of sex with a mature woman--unless, of course, you've already had the pleasure.For example, users interested in expensive goods or services can be regarded as a more valuable audience.Therefore it is justifiable to set higher bids for such a group to get better quality sites and display positions. It is possible for one user to satisfy the conditions for the display of several different ads.Either select one from the list of those created earlier or create a new one. Metrica counter and then use them to set up a retargeting list for your campaign. Metrica goal or segment, set a period between 1 and 90 days.Ads will be served over that period to an audience that fulfills the criteria you specified. Audience segments are automatically updated regularly, so they contain current user data.But as any experienced man will tell you, nothing, absolutely nothing, can compare!

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