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(Something men of any age can appreciate.) And what can be said about experience that isn’t apparent?

Men who underestimate the sexual experience a woman can accumulate throughout the course of her lifetime are in for a pleasant surprise should they find themselves lucky enough to be under the sheets with a woman with years behind her.

Segments describe characteristics of a user during a specific session.

For example, they describe how the user got to the site (from a social network, from Yandex search), what device they used to view the site (a mobile phone, desktop), and their gender and age.

But does this youth-oriented equation reflect the reality of older woman–their bodies, their needs, or how effective they are as lovers? In fact, as any experienced man can tell you, older women do indeed make the best lovers. (A womb that no longer promotes reproduction, is no longer interested in intercourse.) But is this premise true? In fact, while some women do experience a decrease in libido following menopause (for a variety of reasons), many experience an increase in sex drive like at no time before in their lives.

According to a recent study reported on Medicine, many women cite the decreased anxiety of getting pregnant, along with fewer child-rearing responsibilities, as providing a sense of freedom and sexual abandon never available to them in younger years.

The case would be different if the virtual goods were paid for with cash.

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