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The fucked upthing Is that we didn't really have a friendship It was more like a fuck buddything we only have fucked 2. I am an Aries woman, dating an Aries man going on 3 yr's now ....when we first got together I was always trying to end the relationship but was still very drawn to him...But I feel like there Is a connection between usbut since he's not pursuing me or chasing me who knows If we do or not ya know? I think we are to much a like andthat's why we will never work but he was my first love so no matter what I willalways have love for him and he will always be on my mind but Im moving on cuzit the only way I can move forward Well the funny this Is I am an Aries myself and I laughed out so loudwhen I saw the first comment box ....(Did I love him? I don'tknow If It's a typical Arian trait but I often have difficulty defining what Ifeel, as I myself can't come to that conclusion.) This Is so me hahahh !! I didn't really love him as much as I knewhe did me.We didn't officially break up but we live on differentcontinents now. On the flip side you can easily focus on and enjoy the 'here and now' where more analytical people sometimes struggle to do so. here lately I've been asking myself how long will this last.So my ranking would be: sexual activity 10 out of 10, sharingthe same sports spirit 10 out of 10, wanting the same things out of life 5 outof 10.. Most analytical folks will tell you they're actually very jealous of your gift In this area! we are sodifferent, In the beginning everything was so good, I couldn't love him morethan what I did and now I'm not sure If I even like him. almost like It'sconvenient for the both of us to be together.I am an Aries woman and have fallen for an Aries man.We met online and both started falling in love, but then he got scared and backed off.he Is boring and rudeand I am unpredictable and outgoing, Im not afraid of change and he want to dothe same old stuff all the time..are we going to do? when we really are not sure If wewant to be together.

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Hey there, I'm an Aries female and my now ex boyfriend was Aries aswell.

I am so full of love for him, its just so sad :( I just found out he is already dating someone else after literally us only not talking for that month and a bit and he has been with her for a month.

So I have wished him well and sent him on his way with much love.

He had to return to his city, but came back a month later and that's when he movedin with me. I don't know If It's a typical Arian trait but Ioften have difficulty defining what I feel, as I myself can't come to that conclusion.

So we lived together and got along pretty well If not great and thenhe had to go back again. Yes, compared to most other signs, Aries aren't prone to over-analyzing, categorizing or dwelling on the past.

I don't really know to judge the whole thing really. and you know how us Aries CANT BE IN A BORING RELATIONSHIP! I was the most devoted, and caring girlfriend he could ever find! anyway when I dumped his sorry ass, he couldn't stop crying and his friends sat there and remembered when he said he could leave me anytime.

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