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Because from the receiving end of too many text messages, it feels annoying and overwhelming to reply to a mass of text messages. Getting angry at her for not replying especially if you’re not in a relationship is downright outrageous. Think of emoticons as a sort of flourish to text messages. [Read: Texting etiquette – 20 unwritten rules of savvy flirting] #13 Start texting her at unreasonable times.

As much as possible, send the same amount of texts that you get from her. The complete guide] #11 Get angry when she doesn’t reply immediately. Like whenever she’s at work, school, or about to sleep. And conversations call for both participants to take either the role of the speaker and the listener.

Say what you must say with a little flourish and keep the familiar tone for later.

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According to CNN, 6 billion texts are sent every day in the U. It’s clearly the most popular form of communication, but what should you do when the chatty guy you like all of a sudden stops being chatty?

For guys living in the era of instant messaging, texting can be still be considered as the primary means of initiating a conversation with a girl, especially if she’s someone whose number you just got.

To keep things going forward, understanding the rules for texting a girl is essential.

Texting provides all the conveniences without the awkward fidgeting and stuttering that could happen in a phone call or a face to face conversation.

However, the convenience and sense of anonymity also leads to certain unsavory behavior behind the keypad.

It’s akin to talking over her in an actual conversation. 11 signs she thinks you’re a clingy texter] #15 Use inappropriate language. If you’re one of those types deluded that all girls fall for bad boys at one form or another, maybe forget about texting at all.

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