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To prevent corrosion, barbed wire has a zinc coating. The barb wires are braided with a system of constant torsion around line wire.The barbed wire consists of barb wire and line wire. One barb wire forms two spikes and two pieces of wire-four spikes.The barbed wire twist types depends on the twist type of line wire and barb wire.And the line wire sometime is single wire, sometimes is double wire.Just behind the modern fence at my apartment complex, while walking my dog today, I found a pretty darn old-looking barbed wire fence running parallel to it.

Barbed wire is made with high quality low carbon steel wire with the automatic twist machine.

On a single strand barbed wire, in order to avoid spikes rotate around horizontal wire, the horizontal wire is made by corrugations and its cross section is not circular.

Note: Our galvanized barbed wire is all hot dipped galvanized.

Anyway, I was wondering if I had any chance of dating the fence by the style of barbed wire it uses.

I did a wee bit o' research, and it strongly resembles Glidden's original 1874 patent for barbed wire: that I think it's that old, granted, but it's completely rusted out and looks very different from so-called "modern" barbed wire: Barbed_Anyone know how I can find out the period of usage for this type of barbed wire? You knew there had to be one (actually there is more than one) in the U. The staff at the barbed wire musuems in Texas and Kansas may be able to help if you send them a photo.

Single barbed wire is a kind of security fences with sharp edges and high-tensile wire.

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