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On August 4, the Seattle Immersive Theater (SIT) sent out a promotional email about their next show: Serial Killer Speed Dating—a production from LA's Abel Horwitz—was to take place at Capitol Hill's Liberty Lounge on August 19 and 20.“We’re dying to see you there” read the email, promising speed dating with a twist.Unlike a typical theater performance, this one seemed particularly dedicated to its dating game premise.Attendees had to register for one of three events: There were two options for male/female pairings and one for “gay,” which turned out to be for gay men only.In a statement released earlier this week, Glass detailed her allegations against Kath, accusing the musician (real name Claudio Palmieri) of rape, physical assault, emotional manipulation and other forms of abuse dating back to when she was 15.Kath denied the allegations, describing them as “pure fiction”.Ellen De Generes is the executive producer and Drew Barrymore narrates.showing many people on blind dates—i.e., they haven't met each other before.

After its announcement, it drew criticism for being tone-deaf to violence against women.First Dates is an American reality television show based on the British version of the show of the same name.It first aired on the NBC network on April 7, 2017.Crystal Castles have cancelled their tour and will no longer be performing at #Voodoo Fest. Ooghn Posted by Voodoo Music Arts Experience on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 In her statement, Glass claimed that Kath “was very manipulative towards me.He figured out my insecurities and exploited them: he used the things he learned about me against me.“In this day and age where women are being more vocal about rape culture and the abuses they suffer at the hands of men, making everyday survival into a fun little game is irresponsible,” said Maggie Mc Muffin, a local performer.

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