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There are numerous pious associations, of which the most important are the Dutch Society of St. Peter Claver, the Catholic Teachers' Union, the St. William II, Count of Holland and King of Germany, replaced this earlier building with the castle which formed the nucleus of the Binnenhof mentioned above.

James's Association for the Instruction of the Catholic Youth of The Hague, the Societies of St. This castle was enlarged by his son Floris V, who made it his residence after 1291.

Capital and seat of Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as well as of the (civil) Province of South Holland.

It is situated two miles from the shores of the German Ocean, on a piece of low ground, which was at one time thickly wooded, between the mouths of the Mass and the Old Rhine.

It is an irregular pile of architecture of various dates, enclosing a square court and formerly surrounded by a moat.

Although many of the Counts of Holland maintained a brilliant Court, affording hospitality to poets and painters (Jan van Eyck among the latter), the place nevertheless remained unimportant.

During the war between Guelders and Germany, The Hague was captured and pillaged by bands of Guelders, freebooters under Martin of Rossum.

The ideas of the German Reformers soon found entrance into the city, but were suppressed with sanguinary rigour.

It was here that the first Dutch martyr for the new creed, the pastor Jan de Bakker of Worden, suffered death by fire in the Binnenhof in 1526.

After Indonesia became independent from the netherlands in 1945, the country received a large number of former colonials from Dutch and mixed descent who had been forced to leave the newly independent colony. It is not to be confused with lots of other Pasar Malam events, held all over the country throughout the year, which are similar, but much, much smaller.

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