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“The opulent banquet scene is a departure for David, whose films are normally more spare.”.Ours is not as opulent or decadent as that one, but while doing dolly shots past this fantastical food, I couldn’t help thinking of it...You could say we did it as beige while not exactly being beige.With the crime family, it’s garishly opulent and also darker.”As is customary on a David Cronenberg movie, Spier co-ordinated efforts with Denise Cronenberg.While the cast, setting, and subject are indeed unique for a David Cronenberg film, the crew that convened to help bring the story to the screen is characterized by long-time creative collaborators whose associations with the director began years ago and are still going strong., the concept for Spier’s design was to show two worlds co-existing in London.Spier notes, “We contrast Anna’s middle-class existence - the home where she lives with her mother and uncle, and the hospital where she works - with the more opulent crime world of Nikolai’s ‘family.’”The exterior of Whittington Hospital was an easy enough match for the story’s fictional hospital, but far more important was the Trans-Siberian restaurant; while the exterior is an empty building offering some visual texture and historical detail, Spier designed a lush interior.We know what we’re each capable of doing, and that makes it a lot easier.”This facet of Mortensen’s research became “a key pivot point for our approach to refining the script with Steve,” notes Cronenberg.“Viggo sent me books on Russian criminal tattoos which were filled with not just photos and diagrams but also texts about the meanings of tattoos.

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So the trick was to dress him in a suit and tie, dress shirt, coat and gloves, and smart sunglasses, all of which had convey that there is more to him.

As we started to do research, that subculture did rise close to the surface.

It turns out that there are at least 10 very good Russian restaurants in London, though they’re not easy to find.

So the concept was to dress Naomi Watts very simply and have her wear the same clothes over and over.

When not on duty in her hospital uniform, she mainly wears jeans and a waxed-cotton jacket - which is her other uniform, for riding her motorcycle.

She reports, “It was at the Hermitage where I saw the opulence and details of Catherine the Great’s world.

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