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He also sent me Cronenberg in turn sent the books and the documentary to Knight, who incorporated the tattoo elements into the screenplay.Cronenberg says, “Tattoos suddenly became an intense metaphor and symbol in the movie.It’s a specialized world that is in fact dying because of the changes that have happened in Russia in the last decade.

Ours is not as opulent or decadent as that one, but while doing dolly shots past this fantastical food, I couldn’t help thinking of it...I combined various elements and images, from lamps to paintings to mouldings to pictures of food.Semyon didn’t come from that world; he’s trying very hard, so it’s just a little bit off, with a little too much kitsch thrown in.We made his coats, because I couldn’t find what I wanted.”Spier notes, “Colour palette is key on just about every film I do with David.In Anna’s world, everything is simple and not colourful.He would just absorb the character when he put the clothes on - even the shoes helped him get into it.”Vincent Cassel as Kirill was the most difficult to costume, and ended up in black leather for most of the film.

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