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Rybka won the tournament with a score of 5½ points out of 7, ahead of other engines such as Gandalf, Zappa, Spike, Shredder and Fruit.

On CCT8 in February 2006, Rybka won with a score of 8 out of 9, going undefeated.

" He replied, "As for the name Rybka – I am sorry but this will remain my private secret." The details of the evaluation function are unknown, but since version 2.3.1 it has included work by GM Larry Kaufman on material imbalances, much of which was worked out in a series of papers in the 1990s.

The match ended 4.5–1.5 after three Rybka wins and three draws.The result was a narrow victory to Milov: In two standard games (Milov played White, no odds), Milov lost the first game and drew the second one.Then they played two games at the classical "pawn and move" handicap (f7 removed).In September 2008, Rybka played an odds match against Vadim Milov, its strongest opponent yet in an odds match.Milov at the time had an Elo rating of 2705, ranking him 28th in the world.GM Larry Kaufman is the 2008 Senior Chess World Champion, and from version 2.3 through version 3 was in primary charge of the evaluation function.

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