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This is not just any kind of social even, it is the social event of the year! Teresa and Christie are two great girls and they are BFFs with the great blonde doll Barbie.

Which are kinder, gentler, more thoughtful and considerate? Happy people also feel more in charge of their own lives, less acted upon by external forces out of their control.

Studies have demonstrated over and over again, that happy people volunteer more, give more to those in need, even hold doors open for others more often than their unhappy friends.

Happy people are more thoughtful, polite and attentive to others needs, picking up verbal and non-verbal cues depressed people miss.

You get to be the most magical fairy of the woods with colorful dres...

Did you know that Cutezee and Super Barbie are best friends?

This post is not meant to guilt you into pursuing happiness.

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