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The three-date rule, as firmly practiced by Charlotte York, stated that the third date was the appropriate time to have sex with a guy. So does three years of dating and a six-month engagement, if that's your thing.

But according to this survey, the old three-date rule is out, and now, women are waiting five dates before having sex. Five dates seems like an OK amount of time to spend getting to know each other. My point is, there isn't a universal right amount of time for every person.

It instantly clicked at that moment why things had never worked out with guys.

This makeout session led to four months of sneaking off to have sex in corners of our apartment where our other roommates wouldn't see and hooking up in public restrooms, etc.

Nothing ever came of us besides a friendship, but I've never turned back." —Tayla, 23"I'd never really thought of myself as anything other than straight until a friend of mine said she liked me and it was too bad I didn't like girls.

I laughed it off, but something in my head went, ' It too bad I'm straight!

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Our message filtering system removes unwanted spam and abusive messages and all our photos are verified before being accepted on our site.We don't buy our database from third parties nor will we share your information with any third party.We believe our members are our members and that's the way it should be. Our free online dating site has been designed with your safety in mind.In light of these findings, we asked readers of all different sexual orientations about their first same-sex encounters.Here are a few of their stories:"I was studying abroad in South Africa when my roommate revealed that she was a lesbian.If you choose to, you can upgrade your free membership to our premium level which gives you unlimited access to our VIP area.

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