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Then once the time of fasting and prayer is over, he says to the couples to come together to give themselves to the other spouse in sexual pleasure within their marriage and not withhold sexual intimacy except for that appointed time of prayer for spiritual purposes, lest Satan tempt you and get in to the family life because of lack of self-control on your part through solo-sex or masturbation, spiritual adultery of pornography, or physical adultery of infidelity or through all kinds of sexual perversity and immorality .

So if a husband and wife both enjoy the act of oral sex by mutual enjoyment within their married life and also enjoy stimulating the genitals of the other spouse, it is perfectly alright as we have already seen the Bible refer to it as an act of expressing erotic love between a bridegroom and a bride or a husband and a wife.

It is an annual holiday which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December.

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4 The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does.The husband has no authority to self-stimulate the genitals for pleasure, but the wife does.In the same way a wife has no authority to self-stimulate her genitals for pleasure, but the husband does.Another important question to consider within marriage is, 'Will you pressure your spouse for oral sex if he or she finds it unpleasant?' If so, then you are unkind and should learn to control yourself for the pleasure of your wife which is more important within marriage .The above Scripture also points to the fact that giving oneself in to masturbation and fantasy world of sinful addictions that come through pornography is not allowed within marriage as it is a spiritual adultery and will lead the marriage in to chaos and confusion which is not the will of God .

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