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In courses on archaeology and art, you'll have more time to become familiar with archaeological evidence and objects from the ancient world that have been accumulating and are still coming to light.You'll also study the architecture and art of Greece and Rome, fragments from a rich visual culture that have fascinated us since the Renaissance.

not to mention the fact that they're easy to talk to."Annabelle Goshorn-Moroney, Classical Studies Major, class of 2015Society for Classical Studies(the national organization for the field of Classical Studies)Archaeological Institute of America(the national organization for archaeologists)Classical Association of the Midwest & South(our regional conference for the field of Classical Studies)American Classical League(dedicated to the teaching and learning of Classics)American Numismatic Society(dedicated to the study of coins [including many ancient ones])The Latin Library(texts of Latin authors)Internet Ancient History Sourcebook(sources in translation)Maecenas Project(images of ancient Greece and Rome)Perseus Project(Greek and Latin texts in original form and in translation)de Imperatoribus Romanis(on-line encyclopedia of the Roman Emperors)Diotima(women & gender in the Ancient World)Demos(the Athenian Democracy)Pleiades(Gazeteer of Ancient Places)Voice of the Shuttle(links to hundreds of internet resources for Classicists, all over the web)Depending on the instructor, the course will be an introduction to Greek myth or to Roman myth and Roman uses of Greek myth.

On the other hand, this means making an effort to understand ways of thinking and feeling that may seem alien, but that will help you gain perspective on your own culture’s values and aspirations.

If you're drawn to archaeology, classical art and ancient history, the major in archaeology and history is meant for you.

Topics may include: myth in its historical and social context, myth as a conceptual language for expressing a culture's world-wide view, modern theoretical understandings of the functions of myth, myth as part of a literary and artistic tradition. The art of oratory (i.e., public speaking) was developed and elaborated by both the ancient Greeks and the Romans.

Persuasion and oral arguments were crucial for the conduct of politics and the law-courts.

One way you might immerse yourself in the culture and topography of the regions that once comprised the Classical World is to participate in a semester- or year-long Study Abroad program.

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