Dating omaga watch

This is where Clay Neighbor's work in fish nutrition has improved on just using top notch ingredients, he (along with myself) have realized for years after many controlled tests and observations that it is not only about top quality ingredients than taking this to the "more the better" as so many fish foods have done and continue to do.

Clay's latest innovation is the "AAP Custom All Natural Fish Food Crumbles" which is the most optimized prepared fish food available.

In fact there are many otherwise good fish foods on the market that utilize excellent ingredients (especially the newbies in the market), but their failure to optimize ingredients and/or their preparation process often leaves these fish foods lacking, this includes many, if not most, of the popular so-called "quality" fish foods currently on the market.

In other words these fish foods are all about the ingredients, but miss the even more important analysis!

Anytime one feeds fish foods with excess energy levels, this too creates oxidative stress.

This way readers can apply this information to any fish food in an educated manner.Then there is the speed of digestion, some fish such as goldfish tend to have slower digestive tracts (I like to compare it to a horse, but there are major differences such as the stomach).One similarity is that if too high a protein or the wrong protein diet is fed, the horse may colic, and in goldfish they will build up intestinal gas and infections including of the swim bladder or occasionally dropsy will ensue.The time line of this article also disproves these dishonest critics, since this article at it's roots dates back to 1978, long before many suggested foods even existed.Even online, this article dates back to 2005 with 100s of revisions and changes in recommendations as the knowledge base grows.For example; Cats need Taurine in there diet or they can suffer heart problems.

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