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just wanna ask why is it that his most recent drama played before him going to his military training was never added into his list of drama completed... Author of web-based novel wrote story: cartoon protagonist hav major resemblance with Yunho and now it's made into drama and Yunho is the leading actor playin' that main's like this drama is meant for him . He's the cream of the crop when it comes to selling power in Japan.

super impressive dancing machine good singer his self composed songs thumbs up Vry excited for his new web drama comin' out in June next month. I'm so excited :-D He is really one of the greatest dancing machines ever. His self written and self composed songs are awesome! His acting has really improved and he's a good actor in journal of the night watchman.

You're in fact a very good actor, please don't be so shy! Jaejoong is an epitome of strength, nobleness and elegance. He's just perfect and many people loves him He always give out his "sincere" feeling when he's doing something..

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We love you guys, and if the TV industries would get things right they are missing out on the dollars they can make. I would like to see them do another English album except this time do it as an online or change their style for American audience to an Indy style. Don't you admire and like the person for his/her acting ability and/or singing ability?

Yunho's got a collection of over 100 awards he won throughout his career. *_* lemme see here: 1) tall, good looking, sexy body 2) great dancing machine, he can sing live, write lyrics & compose music for solo songs, improved acting 3) charismatic, down to earth, hardworking, sincere 4) most popular, TVXQ = top selling Kpop idols in Japan Luv him to death (^o^) Good job Yunho oppa :-) You got positive reviews from both Korean netizens and critics for your acting skills in Records of Night Watchman. Your massive international fanbase will always be there to support you Yunho or U-Know, has also done a cameo in the film Make Your Move, which was by the same director as the Step Up movies.

Yunho is incredibly talented and he is continuing to become more recognized by the world as an all-around-idol.

Then I looked a little bit around about him on the web. We love your unque voice that can't be duplicate anywhere in this world. Please keep current pictures story dramas movie and songs. Nothing PERSONAL LIFE but more good and what is going on with acting. Kim Jae Joong please please don't lose your wonderful personality and lovable person that you are. I think I'm beginning to understand in many songs that you wrote, and it's very good for me to can tell you ; their songs give me truly power. if you are fan of jj u should make sure 2 watch this movie .... HI - my favorite UNIQUE and the best in the world singer (KJJ) WE MISS YOU VERY MUCH AND THINKING OF YOU.

His body is so hott goshhh and his acting (that have shameless personality idk but Bong Pil has that character) is so good! Music People and USA out there give him a chance,his voice is worth more than Elvis or ?????? There can never be any other guy like him, honestly. Very very goodlooking, very very good at singing, a maestro when it comes to composing, and has acting skills that rivals that of professional actors. He presence in the dramas/movies is very appealing.

why is it that his drama I ORDER YOU is not in the list of hist completed drama....i really like that 1..all his dramas and movies i have watched that 1 outstand all... wanna be more than his fan b/c i wish to be Yunho's chingu ^_^ b/c he such a HUMBLE down to earth genuine person: # my ideal type. Yunho is the main leading actor for a rom-com drama.

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