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Jean Rousseau stated that Sainte-Colombe "perfected" the art of viol playing.Marais wrote Tombeau pour Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, published in 1701, for him.

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He counted Gluck among his students, and was himself a prolific composer of 3 operas, over 70 symphonies, concertos and chamber music, which show, the symphonies especially, the beginnings of a change from the brief opera-overture style and the introduction of a new seriousness and use of thematic development that prefigure Haydn and Mozart.He took the whole of the year 2000 off from conducting in order to focus on compositiona choral composer of the older generation for whom dodecaphony was a rejuvenating force.He is best known for his sacred music; his earliest works show the influence of Bach and Gregorian chant.From 1960 he adopted more advanced techniques, including polyphonyalways a composer of extremes, for a time the most radical Modernist, then a master of ceremonies at 'nursery concerts', sao too in his new style he went to extremes, progressing beyond free-tonality to a sort of neo-tonality or neo-simplicity that is something quite different from 'traditionalism' or a 'return to the past'.One might call him unique among Finnish composers, a sort of musical dissenter.The 57-year-old man had gone to a local river for water when the animal broke in.

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