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Same-sex marriage and abortion are also legal, leading Uruguay to be regarded as one of the most liberal nations in the world, and one of the most socially developed, outstanding regionally, Uruguay then became a zone of contention between the Spanish and Portuguese empires.

In 1603, the Spanish began to introduce cattle, which became a source of wealth in the region.

Belgium was neutral but its strategic location as a pathway to France made it an invasion target for Germany in 19.

In the postwar period Belgium was a leader in European unification, as a founding member of what has become the European Union.

Modern Uruguay is a democratic constitutional republic, with a president who serves as both head of state and head of government.

Uruguay is ranked first in Latin America in democracy, peace, low perception of corruption, acknowledging the innovative policy of legalizing the production, sale and consumption of cannabis.

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between British, Spanish, Portuguese and other colonial forces.

The first permanent Spanish settlement was founded in 1624 at Soriano on the Río Negro.

In 1669–71, the Portuguese built a fort at Colonia del Sacramento.

A slightly later-starting Neolithic culture found in central Wallonia is the so-called "Groupe de Blicquy", which may represent an offshoot of the LBK settlers.

One notable archaeological site in this region is the Neolithic flint mines of Spiennes.

After the defeat of the French in 1814, a new United Kingdom of the Netherlands was created, which eventually split one more time during the Belgian Revolution of 1830–1839, giving three modern nations, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

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