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There's a photo going around social media of Bill and Hillary Clinton allegedly at some sort of costume party."Bill" is dressed like a stereotypical hillbilly and "Hillary" is in blackface. In January 2016, a photograph purportedly showing Hillary Clinton in blackface and Bill Clinton dressed as a hillbilly started circulating on the internet: While the above-displayed image has been frequently shared along with the claim that it shows former President Bill Clinton and 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a costume party, this photo does not appear to be of either of them.While no date has been attached to the above-displayed image, we can assume that two people featured in the image were in their 20s.Here’s a photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton around the same age for comparison: While there is a vague resemblance between the two “Bills” in the above-displayed image, the height difference appears off.She started a blog to document the process, but not before making sure her three kids were OK with it.

The real Hillary Clinton’s face also appears more slender than the woman wearing blackface.The 46-year-old teacher from Austin had to find a way out of the sadness, back to the person she once was.So she tried therapy (which she affectionately referred to as "torture sessions") and a little bit of everything else — working out, crying, praying, and writing in "so many dang journals I could invest in a paper company and retire" — until, eventually, a lightbulb went off.But I am not alone in my decision to divorce," Herrera wrote.She concluded the series with its sole color image: her in a red dress, surrounded by sunflowers, the gown cast to her side.Bill and Hillary Clinton met at Yale in the early 1970s, and while they both have led high-profile political lives, this photograph, which would have been political Kryptonite at any stage in their career, didn’t surface until 2015.

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