Dating quiz book

He is also on a quest to find a French girl named Lala.

Hayden won the Clifton Hill Tennis A-Grade Mens 2013 Singles Championships and has the receipts to prove it.Because we don't just throw you some slapdash weekly Q&A, cash your cheque, and then hang out poolside cracking beers delivered by bikini-clad model wannabes with unspellable first names and questionable residency status.Even though that sounds like a lot of fun, and we probably deserve a holiday.Nick is Quiz Meisters' resident web creative and jack-of-all-digital-trades. He’s also responsible for many of the eye-pleasing graphics you’ll find bundled into your favourite multimedia trivia segments or plastered across pub urinals throughout the country.Illustration, type design, photography: you name it, he’s watched a You Tube video about how to do it sort of and then charged money for it. Lover of craft beer and women everywhere, Nick is an avid vintage camera collector, serial television enthusiast, dedicated vegequarian and part-time cat-owner.On the ground he nurses our burgeoning Queensland team, passing on his 1,000 quiz show performance wisdom to new hosts.

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