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meaning “finger” and “toe.” No one knows why the fruit was called by the word for finger—perhaps because of its small size and shape or the long, slender shape of the palm’s leaves.We've been running our own unique brand of corporate quiz for a decade now, so we know how to tread that fine line between challenging and fun.Because we don't just throw you some slapdash weekly Q&A, cash your cheque, and then hang out poolside cracking beers delivered by bikini-clad model wannabes with unspellable first names and questionable residency status.Even though that sounds like a lot of fun, and we probably deserve a holiday.In an era of digital hook-up apps, over-zealous swiping, and a diminishing emphasis on true personal connection, we want to inject some fun back into dating, and provide unique IRL experiences for singles in Australia.(That's , for those who aren't up with the lingo, or who were born prior to, say, 2010.) Essentially, Quiz Date is a great night out where participants can have a few drinks, play some awesome trivia, mix with a bunch of excellent people, and then match with them at the end of the night.Pete likes to unwind by honing his acting skills, and his re-imagining of Blatch's prison monologue from As Creative Director Steff heads up marketing and business-development, which really means he drinks a lot of cafe lattes with people from other companies whosay they do the same.

These days he leaves the task of question-writing to members of the younger generation, but casts an editorial eye over the quiz that's played by over 6,000 people a week.

Hell, why not test your knowledge with this interactive show sample? Taking our cue from popular daily newspaper quizzes, The Lunch Quiz improves on the established printed format by providing an unprecedented level of interactivity, and instant access from any and all desktop and handheld devices.

As with all Quiz Meisters trivia, each individual quiz is a well-balanced, carefully curated mix of questions spanning a range of subjects, with our trademark pop culture twist. Check out The Lunch Quiz online to get a taste (zing! Quiz Date is Quiz Meisters' brand-spanking new line-up of singles events, soon to be launched nationwide.

Our corporate shows are geared towards team-building; on bringing out your employees' social side without ever embarrassing anyone or making people look the fool.

The foolery is where come in, by serving you up a jam-packed quiz full of cross generational questions, our trademark whacky character-driven onscreen and interactive games, and last but not least the best trivia host that money can buy - handpicked from our team of brilliant emcees who have all been carefully auditioned and trained by us in the specialised area of corporate trivia.

FIND YOUR NEAREST PUB SHOW IN VIC | NSW | ACT | QLD | SA | WA | TAS Our multimedia pub shows are all about getting bums on seats in your venue (especially on those nights of the week that might otherwise be a tad on the slow side), and we know just how to do it.

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