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Quinn at least knows who she is, but for Rachel, the path to hell is paved with great intentions.

Every time she sets out to do something good, she ends up doing something horrible. Allowing both these characters to be flawed and loving them anyway is pretty huge.

But I think [producers] still don't hand people scripts. For people that are working 80 hours a week and busting their balls out in the world, to have an escape where they just think about ponies and hot air balloons and pretty, pretty dresses is really fun. When you say you kind of liked it, what did you like about it?

The other thing that's really changed is participants are more willing and kind of hell-bent on casting and directing themselves. So either [viewers] have to be willing to go along for the ride and enjoy the phoniness, or there's going to be a problem. I liked having a place to be, and I liked being good at something.

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And you have very, very smart people making these shows. To start with, the two main characters are women who are dealing with issues that are [about] not men.

But that's pretty problematic in this medium because audiences have such a strong B. Being able to sniff out that phoniness is why a lot of people who do watch reality TV say things like, "Well, I know a lot of reality TV is fake, but…" What's the answer to that "but"? Even though I come from an academic family — my dad's a professor and both my siblings are academics — even in that circle, when I'd come home to BBQs or parties or bar mitzvahs or whatever, everyone wanted to talk to me about my job.

My sister was in the Peace Corps at the time, organizing coffee farmers in Central America, but everyone wanted to talk to me. For some of these people, it's the biggest thing that's ever going to happen to them in their lives. But then they wind up playing this chess game they can't beat.

They're dealing with career, life, morality, humanity.

They're three-dimensional human beings, and they're not reacting to men. And then the contestants, our aim is to take them out of these paper dolls and make them into three-dimensional women, not stereotypes and headshots. And then it's also really cynical and walks this razor's edge.

Finding them maybe is a little bit harder,” he said.

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