Dating scrapbook titles


Adding a small scale “Boston” at the top of my journaling block let me get a low-key title onto the page.

When you’re struggling with where to place a title, look for some clear space on a photo and put it there.

There are some subjects and locations and I scrapbook over and over through the years.

When I made this page, I didn’t want yet another layout called “Jenness Beach.” I scrapbooked these photos almost a year after they were taken and I didn’t have any story or details to share. The “Great Memories” label by Lynn Grieveson went with the look of Katie Pertiet’s Coastal papers and brushes and took care of my titlework.

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Do you have labels, stickers, tags, or rub-ons with a variety pre-printed phrases or expressions in your stash? You’ll save time in coming up with a title, rendering it and figuring out where to put it on the page.

One of things that I love about scrapbooking is the freedom to do whatever comes to mind.

I rarely place titles at the top of my pages anymore.

Back when I started, I wish someone told me about how important scrapbooking quotes are, because I didn’t really give them a second thought!

I would get so excited about choosing the right photos and embellishments, but would only Most of my titles were handwritten ones and were located at the top of the page.

Her title’s alignment with the photo block on right and left sides echos the journaling block alignments below the photo block.

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