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But at the end of every day my feet would be in agony and my toes on fire.

I'll never forget the night I went out dancing with my friends in my strappy pink heels from the High Street shoe store, Faith. I even tried cutting one off with a razor blade but the pain was unbearable and I had to stop.' It was then that Khadisha started thinking about the possibility of cosmetic surgery - and after visiting the Premier Foot & Ankle Centre, in London, decided to combine her corn surgery with shortening her toes.

The operation - a gruelling three hours long, where surgeons will use a saw to slice segments from her bones - costs a staggering £2,700, and it could take months before she can walk properly again.

But, for fashion-obsessed Khadisha, it is a price worth paying.

The 26-year-old design assistant from West London, was in high heels up to 18 hours a day, five days a week for ten years - and has the bunions and serious knee problems to prove it.

'Some patients come through with short toes that they would like lengthened, or they want to have their 'toe cascades' [the curve at the end of the foot, from the big toe down to the little toe] improved, so that when they wear strappy sandals their toes don't look out of place,' says Nigel Mercer, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).After a couple of hours, I couldn't walk and spent the rest of the night sitting watching my friends have fun.'My GP told me I had to wear trainers or flat shoes, but I was never going to listen to that. 'I spent £200 on plasters, pads and even got a cream sent over from the U. 'It does sound radical - but why not get rid of my corns and make my feet look beautiful at the same time.It's the perfect solution - and well worth the money I've saved for it.' Amy Hemingway is another casualty of too many years of wearing high heels.On each foot they're bigger than my big toe, and I'm just too embarrassed to wear all the really lovely "peep-toe" styles that are so fashionable right now.'Also, I've got corns on all my toes from years of wearing pointy stilettos, some of my toes aren't straight and I hate the way some are longer than others. 'I know it sounds extreme - and the operation does scare me a little, as I don't like the thought of, perhaps, not being able to walk for up to six months afterwards, but for me, it really is a price worth paying for pretty feet.' Worryingly, Khadisha is only one of a number of young women turning to plastic surgeons to correct typically troublesome complaints such as 'cankles' (calves that appear to go straight into the foot), bunions and unattractive toes - and they are willing to pay extortionate sums to have their feet chiselled, chopped and filed into submission.'At the moment the operation can cost around £2,000 - and with the increased cost of living and the credit crunch, I just don't have the ready cash available, or the time to take six weeks off work to recover.

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