Dating site with contact information about the user


Ignore any request to send money, especially overseas or by wire transfer, and report it to us immediately – even if the person claims to be in an emergency.

Wiring money is like sending cash: the sender has no protections against loss and it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money.

The girls I talked to were really cute and marriage-minded.It's easy for us to create a banner reading “ Vasiya, do you live in Tagan and love fitness?Come to our fitness club,” or “Masha, do you have a Nissan Micra? ” And of course, we use interactive banners with Eye Wonder technology.Every day sites operating in the Wamba network are visited by around 3 000 000 unique visitors who browse more than 100 000 000 pages.We are able to target and personalise adverts through 50 partners, so if you only need your message to be seen by tall, slender red haired girls between the ages of 20 – 25 in Moscow, we can easily make this happen.Our opportunities to conduct special projects: We offer you not only the chance to view our users, but also have direct access to them.

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