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[Click the link above to read the rest of the abstract.]Poor Ontario families getting poorer: new report New research says bottom half of families Ontario are earning less, while richer families earn more By Trevor Dunn, CBC News Posted: Aug 15, 2017 Too much, too fast, too soon?

Minimum wage hike under debate as amendment deadline draws near Business lobbyists release a report damning minimum wage while critics raise eyebrows By Malone Mullin August 14, 2017 Ontario becomes 2nd province to go ahead with an hour minimum wage Premier Kathleen Wynne says Ontario will bring in wage by 2019, a few months after Alberta does same Posted May 30, 2017Part One: Leaves of absence: Any new parent who has worked at least 13 weeks for their employer can take parental leave.

Abstract: https:// Complete report (PDF - 9.5MB, 60 pages): https:// Office/2016/06/CCPA Ontario On Policy Summer 2016(July 5, 2016) This issue of On Policy gives you a road map to working poverty in nine Ontario cities: Ottawa, London, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Kingston, Waterloo Region, Sudbury, Windsor and Hamilton.

The Summer 2016 issue of On Policy also offers some solutions to the problems of working poverty, such as improving food security and providing dental benefits for the working poor, raising the minimum wage to an hour, tackling precarity in the workplace and improving working conditions for low-wage work.

Public Interest Advocacy Centre along with other groups wants CRTC to mandate a basic internet service available and affordable to all Canadians https://ca/our-specialities/the-basic-service-objective-hearings/Report: Household food insecurity in Canada: Problem definition and potential solutions in the public policy domain Bulletin is a quick inventory of current social research information.

Its purpose is to promptly disseminate to interested staff recently produced research materials and initiatives relevant to social policy.

That is why it is encouraging that so many people in communities and organizations across Canada are working to raise awareness about the complex reality of poverty and pushing for policy that will make a difference.

CLEO produces clear, accurate and practical legal information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights.This includes all new parents, not just birth mothers.It also includes anyone who is in what the law calls a “relationship of some permanence” with a parent of a child, and who is going to treat the child as their own.Ontario budgets analysis & critiques --- Ontario anti-poverty strategies and poverty reduction --- Early Learning and Child Care (for all Ontario ECD links) --- Case Law / Court Decisions / Inquests - incl. --- Provincial-Territorial Political Parties and Elections in Canada - incl.Ontario election links --- Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients in Ontario This factsheet contains current rate information (benefit levels) for 15 federal and Ontario financial assistance programs.Campaign 2000 releases 2016 Report Card November 24, 2016 Campaign 2000 released its 2016 annual Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Canada on Thursday, November 24, in Ottawa.

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