Dating soldier tips

That would make someone reluctant to talk about emotional things. During socialization we do not socialize boys to be all fuzzy and emotional, so many men tend to hold things closer to the heart. What you have to remember though is they are just as alone as you are. =) Do you mean that I should trust him on what he tells me then? Hinting isn't very helpful, nor is reverse psychology eh?As for number 4, I know a lot of them marry young...I've always avoided dating soldiers because I'm not really the long distance type of girl... we're only in the beginning stages of dating and it's going so slowly I don't know how to interpret anything. guys in uniform just make it ridiculously complicated, so I was wondering if any of you could answer some questions/ give me tips? (I know that their job is always the first priority.) 4) Do they have commitment problems? The do not really get to decide if they are going to do something or not like go on deployment. How you would figure on the list of priorities would be how is relationship you have together?

A lot of soldiers I know that commit quickly is because they want somebody to be there for them whether that's a good idea or not haha, because they want BENEFITS, because marrying is a lot easier to have their spouse around if you move to a different post.

If they are training for special forces training or doing something thats highly confidential, then probably not.

If it just flight training or something more normal, then they can most likely maintain regular contact.

While they are dedicated to it, its not their life ambition or their first priority in life.

4) I can't speak for everyone, but many of them marry young. I do not think he is reluctant to communicate because he is a solider but more so because he was ditched by people who ditched him for his life's choice of work. the only way to communicate with them is to be very direct and let them know where I am and what I want?

my "it's complicated" soldier also tells me that a lot of them are terrified of spouses cheating on them.. why is it that some commit too quickly, while others wait too long to do so? at least he has his military family with them out there... Even though we haven't dated, he's already introduced me to his friends...

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